Focus Day in Olympia - Monday, Jan. 19, 2015

Monday, Jan. 19th is a day off school. So bring your children with you and attend Washington State PTA's annual Focus Day event in Olympia. Many events are pre-organized to meet with and hear from our State Legislators. 

This is the year the Legislature must come up with a solution to fully fund basic education! The legislators want to and need to hear from us. 

Are you ready to Stand up, Speak up and Show up?

Join Washington State PTA at the 2015 Focus Day on Monday, January 19.  Bring your family and friends to meet with legislators and to rally on the Capitol Steps at Noon.  For full details see our Focus Day info page




For information on your District and Legislators go to our Legislators page 



WSPTA Legislative Assembly Oct. 24-25, 2014 - Vancouver, WA


Each fall, the association votes on a legislative platform; this then guides our legislative advocacy. This year, we are starting a new 2-year cycle with all-new issues. Members may update an issue or add additional issues next year.

The process began last June when members submitted proposals for consideration. Those that align with PTA’s body of positions and advance our work on behalf of children will go before delegates at Legislative Assembly and Advocacy Training event in Vancouver on October 24 and 25.


Proposed 2014-15 Issues


Legislative Principles
Legislative Principles are those issues which represent long-term efforts of the WSPTA to fulfill its mission of advocating for the health, safety, welfare and education of children and youth in Washington State. The Legislative Principles provides a comprehensive set of positions that allow the association to respond to timely and important issues not included on the yearly priority platform or in resolutions.


Washington State PTA resolutions outline the opinion and will of the association to address statewide problems. They require action to be taken by the WSPTA and are long-term positions.