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The Pine Lake PTSA has recently approved all of the applications for the 2023-24 PTSA Curriculum Grants for the fall session. Five teachers from PLMS submitted 6 applications, which can benefit all PLMS students. The teachers will receive grants totaling $6727.35. The spring session will begin in late February or early March. 

The Pine Lake Middle School PTSA provides curriculum grants to PLMS teachers to enrich the educational experience of PLMS students. By offering such grants, the PTSA hopes to encourage teachers to engage our children academically in meaningful and memorable ways to develop curious, confident, and independent learners. 


Pine Lake Middle PTSA 2.6.42 is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Tax ID # 91-1352729

The Pine Lake PTSA strives to represent and advocate for all students at PLMS to our community, governmental bodies, and other organizations that make decisions affecting the health, welfare, and education of our children.

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