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PTSA President

The President is the presiding officer and the official spokesperson of the Pine Lake PTSA. The President presides at all meetings and plans the meeting agenda with the PTA Secretary, utilizing input from others. The President must remain impartial when serving as the presiding officer at meetings.

The President delegates responsibility and develops leaders by empowering others and acknowledging their efforts. They should communicate regularly with officers and chairs and be available to members. The President ensures that all officers, chairs, and committee members are current PTA members. The president serves as an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. (Ex officio means “by virtue of one’s status.”)

The President should participate in planning and conducting an orientation for the incoming officers and chairs.

The President should maintain a positive relationship with the principal and staff and should encourage PTA members to do the same. They should promote a positive image of PTSA within the community. 

The President attends monthly ISD PTSA Council meetings and is responsible for ensuring Pine Lake PTSA participates in the business of WSPTA, including sending delegates to the annual meeting of WSPTA at the yearly convention.

The President should become familiar with the vision, mission, and purposes of PTA, WSPTA Uniform Bylaws and Standards of Affiliation agreement, Pine Lake PTSA and ISD PTSA Council standing rules, basic parliamentary procedure, know where to find leader resources from WSPTA and connect with school district administrators regarding goals, objectives, and resources.

The President must be aware of and communicate to the board all required deadlines for the payment of membership dues, registration for Washington State PTA workshops and conferences, submission of award applications, and filing of the PTA’s annual corporation report, charitable solicitations registration, insurance renewal, and federal (IRS) informational returns.

The President must be available to attend Pine Lake PTSA, Issaquah PTSA Council and Washington State PTA meetings, events and conferences which include, but are not limited to:

    • WSPTA required training (1-2 hour training 1x per year)
    • Monthly ISD Council meeting (2 hours, can designate a delegate to attend)
    • Monthly Pine Lake PTSA Board meetings (1-1.5 hours)
    • Pine Lake General Membership PTSA meetings (1-1.5 hours, 3x per year)

Pine Lake Middle PTSA 2.6.42 is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Tax ID # 91-1352729

The Pine Lake PTSA strives to represent and advocate for all students at PLMS to our community, governmental bodies, and other organizations that make decisions affecting the health, welfare, and education of our children.

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