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We are pleased to present the Curriculum Enrichment Grants for 2013-14

Each year the Pine Lake PTSA awards grant money to teachers and staff for curriculum and student educational support. These grants are made possible from the generous “Pass the Hat” donations the PTSA receives. Thank you to all of the families who donated to the PTSA and to all of the enthusiastic teachers who seek to add new enriching material to the classrooms for our students.  

This year we received 9 grant requests, for a total awarded amount of $9,265.  On Nov. 13th, the PTSA Board approved the following grants:


Ms. Kiemle and the Entire 8th Grade LA Team


Awarded for the purchase of new literature circle books to be used this spring.

Ms. Ray and Mr. Butler


Awarded for the purchase of two iPads and their protective cases. These will be used by 8th grade science and LA/SS students.

The Entire 6th Grade Social Studies Team


Awarded for the purchase of interactive simulations to engage all learners in the study of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome civilizations.

Ms. Bartholomew


Awarded for the purchase of engaging and informative non-fiction library books in support of the Common Core Student Standards. These books will be available for checkout by all PLMS students.

Mr. Simon


Awarded for the purchase of a midi lathe for use in 7th and 8th grade woodshop and integrated projects classes.

Ms. Tariq


Awarded for the purchase of 4 iPad minis and protective cases for use by her LRC I students.

Ms. Roon


Awarded for the purchase of classroom library books.

Ms. Van Loon and      Ms. Maher


Awarded for the purchase of materials for an “Acts of Kindness” classroom partnership project between LRC II students and 8th grade students.

Ms. Kiemle and the entire 8th Grade LA Team


Awarded for the purchase of additional copies of The Outsiders.


If you have questions about any of these grants, please talk to the teachers who received the grant, anyone on the Grant Committee, or on the PTSA Board.

Also, please take a moment to thank our Grant Committee volunteers, Angela Chriest, Michelle Jensen, Kris Kleinsmith, Ingrid Jarvis, Amy Cromwell, Lea Bachman, and Lynne De La Cruz for all the personal time they took to review & research the requests and for the recommendations they made to the Board.



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