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Golden Acorn Volunteer, Outstanding Education Advocate, Golden Apple Educator Awards, and Outstanding Student Advocate Award.  

Do you have a teacher that has gone above and beyond in these early days to help your student? A staff member who has helped your child to feel supported as they navigate a new challenge? A PTSA representative who has hosted an event that’s gotten you involved? All of these people can be nominated for our annual PLMS Awards program.

It takes less than five minutes to complete a submission. You can nominate teachers, staff, and volunteers today. Note: there is no restriction on the number of nominations you can make throughout the year.

Nominate HERE. Bookmark the page and come back often.


Golden Acorn Past Awardees:

2022 Gloria Palmer, Karen Hoetzel, Lehua Debnar, Krista Wood

2021 Pranitha Kadasani, Amit Kapur, Dana Crossgrove

2020 Evan Shieh, Karen Hoetzel

2019 Shiori Betzler, Suma Krishnaiyengar 

2018 Karen Hoetzel

2017 Caria Berg, Carrie Tran

2016 Tami DeVita

2015 Pauline Traino, Ghada Madkour

2014 Martha Swallow

2013 Angela Chriest

2012 Keri Monroe, Mary Jesse, Kim Kline

2011 Katie Reeves, Karin Plastina, Stephanie B, Diane Laucius


Outstanding Advocate

2022 Megan Elliot, Michelle Caponigro, Erin Hayes

2021 Anne Kiemle, Eric Ensey, Jeff Burgard, Josh Berg, and Sarah Bluhm-Arnold

2020 Chris Miske, Caroline Dwyer Sanık, Amy Saylor

2019 Lexine Otey, Kirsi Varsa, Paul Buse-Bing, Michelle Caponigro 

2018 Roy Cress, Eric Ensey, Lauren Roon, Angie Hardy, Carrie Tran

2013 Alicia Veevaert

2009 Carol Stamper

2008 Megan Elliott, Kristin Brittain

2007 Kelly Munn, Jeff Bowlby, Judy Bowlby


Golden Apple Educator

2022 Richard Butler, Brian Schenkman, Angela Hardy, Cindy Elder, Heather Schopen, Eric Ensey, Kristina Klein, Jeffrey Burgard, Ken Abraham, Carolyn Booth, Brian Casper

2021 Angela Hardy, Kristina Klein, Amy Saylor, Brian Schenkman, Anna Butler, Nicole Ray, Scott Gray

2020 Eric Ensey, Jeffrey Burgard, Shambhavi Gautam, Gail Oseran, Karen Fischer

2019 Rich Butler, Brian Casper, Laura Garsson, Cindy Elder

2018 Jeffrey Burgard, Pam Ferguson

2017 Sarah Bluhm-Arnold, Lakshmi Palaniappan

2016  Colleen Maher

2014 Cindy Elder

2013 Kristin Latousek

2012 Lauren Roon

2011 Rich Butler

2010 Jeffrey Burgard

2009 Nancy Detterbeck, Rich Butler

2008 Amy Saylor, Mary Mendenhall

2007 Eric Ensey, Sue Swanson, Donna Batholomew

2006 Ann Kiemle, Angie Hardy, Ron Hanken

2005 Michelle Caponigro, Dana Bailey

2004  Jeff Miller 


Outstanding Student Advocate Award 

2022 - 

2021 - The entire student body of PLMS for their resiliency and effort!!  

2020 -Regan L., Zoe C., Kora H.


Pine Lake Middle PTSA 2.6.42 is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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The Pine Lake PTSA strives to represent and advocate for all students at PLMS to our community, governmental bodies, and other organizations that make decisions affecting the health, welfare, and education of our children.

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