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PLMS Reflections 2023-24


PLMS Entry Deadline: October 24, 2023

Entry forms may be found HERE soon

Reflections® is a National PTA program that has been bringing the arts to life for more than 10 million students since 1969 and increasing community awareness of the importance of arts in education.  The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works for the theme. Click here to read more on the WA State PTA Reflections site.        



Students may submit an entry in one, or all six arts areas. Only original works are accepted. (Up to six entries/student, total.) Twelve PLMS finalists will advance to the Issaquah School District Competition.


  • Literature -- works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, drama, short stories and lyrics.
  • Music Composition -- original musical composition, with or without words.
  • Photography -- prints have a maximum finished size of 18 x 24 inches in color or black and white, including techniques: photogram, retouched, montage, sandwich and multiple exposure.
  • Visual Arts -- drawing, painting in tempera, oil, acrylic, watercolor & t-shirt paints, computer generated art, two-dimensional collage, printmaking, needlework & leather tooling. A maximum finished size of 18x24 inches.
  • Film/Video -- original works, with or without sound, of animation, narrative, documentary, experimental or music video/film.
  • Choreography/Dance -- originally choreographed dance composition

Entry Deadline: October 24, 2023





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